Gebang Temple

Gebang temple is a Hindu temple estimated to be built at 730 – 800 M. This temple faces to the East. To the right of the entrance there is a statue of Nandiswara while on the left side of the entrance there is a recess where the statue has been empty. It is estimated that in this recess previously there was a statue of Mahakala. On the west side (back) there is a recess filled with Ganesha statue that sits on a Yoni with a trunk leads north. Gebang temple not found the ladder ruins.

Gebang Temple is a rectangular building with a size of 5.25 x 5.25m with a height of 7.75m. the main building of the temple stands on the foot as high as 2 m, there is no sculpture whatsoever at the foot of the temple.

Inside the main room of the temple is Yoni but the Lingga (phallus) is gone.

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