Barong Temple

This temple is referred to as the Barong temple because there is a Kala decoration in the recesses of the body of the temple that looks like a Barong. Barong Temple is a Hindu temple relic. Barong Temple is also called as Sari Suragedug Temple. According to the inscription Ratu Baka (856 AD) explains about a King Sri Kumbaja or Sri Kalasodbhava who built three “phallus”, namely Kirtiwasalingga, Triyarbakalingga, and Haralingga with their respective companions Dewi Sri, Dewi Suralaksmi and Dewi Mahalaksmi.

In Pereng inscription (863 AD), also written in Sanskrit using ancient Javanese letters, it is mentioned that in 784 Saka (860 AD) Rakai Walaing Pu Kumbhayoni bestowed rice fields and two hills in Tamwahurang for the maintenance of the sacred shrine building called Bhadraloka. Experts argue that Sri Kumbaja or Sri Kalasodbhava is Pu Kumbhayani and the shiva building in question is Barong Temple.

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