Kalasan Temple

Kalasan temple is also referred to as Kalibening Temple. According to the Kalasan inscription, this temple was built in 700 Caka (778 AD). Kalasan inscription written in Sanskrit explains that the advisors for the Syailendra prefecture suggested that Maharaja Tejapurnama Panangkarana erect a sacred Building to worship the goddess of Tara and the Building for Buddhist monks.

According to the King Balitung inscription (907 AD), who is meant by Tejapurnama Panangkarana is Rakai Panangkaran, son of King Sanjaya of Mataram Hindu Kingdom.

As a place of worship of the goddess Tara, Kalasan Temple was built, while the building for Buddhist monks then built Sari Temple. Both of these temples have similarities in the fineness of sculpture and the use of Vajralepa (Brajalepa). Vajralepa is a material to coating the ornaments and reliefs on the outer wall. This material is very effective to withstand the destruction of temple rock from acidic volcanic dust.

Despite having 4 doors and a main door on the east side, the door on the west side also has a ladder, but can not get into the main room, while the other 2 doors do not have a ladder. Above every doorstep decorated with Kalamakara patterned sculpture.

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