Plaosan Temple

Plaosan Temple is a Buddhist temple, estimated to be built in the early 9th century during the Rakai Pikatan era of the Hindu Mataram Kingdom.

According to the Cri Kahulunan inscription (AD 824 ), Plaosan Lor Temple was built by Queen Sri Kahulunan. Sri Kahulunan is the title of Pramordhawardani, the daughter of King Samaratungga from Syailendra dynasty. Sri Kahulunan who embraced Buddhism married to Rakai Pikatan from Sanjaya dynasty who are Hindus.

Plaosan Lor (North Plaosan) Temple

The main temple Plaosan Lor temple is 2 pieces of the two-storey temple facing to the West. Each temple is surrounded by a stone fence.

The stone walls that surround each of the main temples are surrounded by Perwara (guardian) temples that originally amounted to 174, consisting of 58 small temples base square of the floor plan and 116 stupas. Seven temples line up on each north and south side of each main temple, 19 temples line east or behind both main temples, while 17 more temples line up in front of the two main temples. Almost all the Perwara temples are currently wrecked.

On the front, there is a Dwarapala statue facing each other. A pair is located at the north entrance and a pair at the south entrance. Each of these man-height statues is in a sitting position on his right leg folded with his left leg bent in front of the body. His right-hand holds a mace, while the left-hand passes over the left knee.

In the northern courtyard, there is a square stone terrace surrounded by a row of boulders. Allegedly the stone terrace is a place to put offerings. It is said that on the terrace there was a building of wood, while on top of each peduncle was a statue of Dhyani Buddha.

Plaosan Kidul (South Plaosan) Temple

Plaosan Kidul Temple is located in the south of Plaosan Lor Temple. Now Plaosan Kidul temple is only composed of several Perwara temples, the main temple was livingĀ in ruins.


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