Sari Temple

Temple Sari is estimated to be built in the 8th century by Rakai Panangkaran. constructing together with Kalasan temple. According to Kalasan’s inscription (700 saka / 787 AD) it is mentioned that the religious advisor Wangsa Syailendra suggested that Maharaja Tejapurnama Panangkarana or better known as Rakai Panangkaran, to establish Kalasan temple. namely the sacred buildings to worship the Goddess Tara and Sari temple for the monastery of Buddhist monks.


Sari temple is the only temple that storied, It is estimated 2 or 3 floors. The upper floor serves as a place to store things. While the lower floor is a place of religious ceremonies.

The entrance of the temple is guarded by a pair of Dwarapala statues holding a mace and a snake, as it is in front of Plaosan Temple.

On the outer side of the temple, wall are empty niches that were previously thought to be Buddhist statues.

On the outside wall of the temple, there are sculptural statues and other beautiful ornaments. The doors and windows are flanked by a pair of male and female statues standing in a lotus holding position. The total number of statues is 36 pieces, consisting of 8 statues on the front wall (east), 8 statues on the north side wall, 8 on the south side wall, and 12 on the west side wall (back). The size of the statues is the same as the size of the human body in general.

The walls of this temple are lined with Vajralepa (Brajalepa), a protective layer also found on the walls of Kalasan Temple.

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