Sukuh Temple

Sukuh Temple is a Hindu temple, located in Berjo Village, Ngargoyoso District, Karanganyar Regency, Central Java. This temple is estimated to be built at the end of the 15th century, included in the ranks of young temples in Indonesia.

Unlike other Hindu temples, the basic form of Sukuh Temple is a storeyed terrace with the most sacred part located at the end back and the highest. This form is characteristic of a pre-Hindu sacred form. That’s why the architecture of Sukuh temple considered to deviate from the bookmaking of Hindu temple, Wastu Widya. 

In the book Wastu Widya mentioned the form of the temple is a square with the most sacred place in the middle.

Sukuh Temple is decorated with many reliefs that tell about Sudamala and Garudheya.


Sudhamala tells of Sadewa, one of the knights of the Pandavas, who succeeded in removing the curse of Uma.

The goddess Uma was The Bathara (God) Guru’s wife. Uma Goddess is cursed by Bathara Guru transforms into a giant named Bathari Durga for refusing to serve.

Bathari Durga then disguised as Dewi Kunthi, Mother of the Pandavas. After disguising as Dewi Kunthi, Bethari Durga goes to Sadewa and asks to be released from the curse. Initially Sadhewa refused to free the curse that befell Bathari Durga. Then Bathari Durga threatened Sadewa with the sword.

After Sadewa succeeds in eliminating the curse of Bethara Guru, Bethari Durga returns to its original form, goddess Uma. Then Sadewa was rewarded with a wife named Dewi Pradhapa.


Garudheya is the name of a one Garuda bird which is the adopted son of Goddess Winata. Dewi Winata has a sister who also became a co-wife named goddess Kadru. Dewi kadru has several adopted son in the form of a Snake.

At a bet the goddess Winata was defeated by the goddess Kadru, so the goddess Winata had to become a slave to goddess Kadru. To free his mother from slavery, Garudheya meditates to get Tirta Amerta (Amerta water).

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