Kedulan Temple

Kedulan temple is a Hindu temple located adjacent to Sambisari temple, according to Pananggaran inscription and Sumundul inscription, Kedulan temple was built in 791 Saka (869 AD) by Rakai Kayuwangi who ruled Mataram Hindu at that time.

Kedulan temple also has many similarities with the Temple Sari either in shape, architecture, and size. Kedulan temple found in the conditions buried the rest of the cold lava eruption of Mount Merapi as deep as 7 meters below the surface of the soil.

Like the temple of Sambisari, Kedulan temple there is one main temple and three Perwara temple located in front of it straight from north-south. Inside the main building of the temple, there are also lingga-yoni.

The difference between Sambisari temple and Kedulan temple is just facing direction. If the Sambisari temple faces west, Kedulan temple faces east.

Inside the temple is also found also statues Durga Mahesasuramahardini statue on the north side, the statue of Ganesha on the west side, the statue of Agastya and Mahakala on the south side, and Nandiswara on either side of the entrance of the temple.

From Pananggaran and Sumundul inscription also mentions that the use of dams in Pananggaran village for the benefit of the community and that the income generated from the dam was exempt from taxes by the state because it was used to fund the Kedulan Temple.

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