Dieng Temples

Dieng temple is a Hindu Shiva temple located at the foot of Dieng Mountain, Wonosobo. This temple is estimated to be built between the late 8th century until the early 9th century. Dieng temple is the oldest Hindu temple in Java. Dieng temple is divided into 3 complexes: Arjuna temple complex, Gatotkaca temple complex, Dwarawati and Bima temple complex.

Arjuna Temple Complex

Arjuna temple complex consists of 4 temples, namely Arjuna Temple, Srikandi Temple, Sembadra Temple,  Puntadewa and Semar Temple. Arjuna temple building is similar to Gedong Sanga Temple building. This temple faces to the west with the doorstep decorated with Kalamakara. Srikandi temple has a square base form. This temple is located in the north of Arjuna temple. The outer walls of Srikandi temple are decorated with reliefs depicting Shiva, Vishnu, and Brahma.

Gatotkaca Temple Complex

Gatotkaca temple complex consists of 5 temples namely Gatutkaca Temple, Setyaki Temple, Nakula Temple, Sadewa Temple, Petruk and Gareng temple. Of the 5 temples that exist only Gatotkaca temple is still intact.

Dwarawati Temple Complex

Dwarawati temple complex consists of 5 temple that is Dwarawati temple, Abiyasa temple, Pandu temple, and Margasari temple.

Bima Temple Complex

Bima Temple is the largest temple in Dieng temple area. This temple lies on the hill above. Bima temple in contrast to the temples in Java in general because this temple has legs that seem octagonal, while generally, the temples in Java have a rectangular or square foot.

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